We have a number of initiatives to help regenerate business in the Southchurch Area. We are grateful for the advice received from Southend Borough Council Economic Development Team, Southend Bid, Totally Locally Working Group and local traders. Our first step is to amalgamate all retail areas into one and create Southchurch Retail. While remaining true to those already trading in the area, we aspire to build a retail area that is flexible in change and compatible to modern living.

Southchurch Retail

We believe more will be achieved if all retail areas within Project Southchurch boundaries, join as one to push for improvement.

The heart of the redeveloped or ‘brand new’ High streets will be those traders on Southchurch Road, Hamstel Road, Woodgrange Drive and Eastern Esplanade. The reason is pure and simple - footfall. That does not mean other areas will be ignored, we will listen to you all.

The new amalgamated zone will be called Southchurch Retail.

A central scheme so all traders, within the Project Southchurch area, can benefit from future regeneration.

We realise the economic challenges facing retail. We will work with relevant organisations towards making it affordable for new businesses to ‘start-up’ and those already trading here, able to stay and grow.

We firmly believe in Independent Shops, Cafes, Restaurants and pubs. The recent run of large groups falling victim of recent times, proves their importance to the ‘Brand New High Street’. They bring the unique, the unusual and their very own brand of service. They offer a High Street the chance to have a more diverse range of businesses and the chance to celebrate and develop its own character.

Concept Southchurch

The following are extracts from a piece written for Business Time in Essex, entitled ‘Pyjamas onto the Pavement’.

The Future High Street

Working from home has become normal for many. In time companies may again feel that a central focal point for their workforce is more sustainable than remote working. Whatever the outcome, an increase in ‘home’ working is inevitable - our high streets will become a new space.

We need to change, introduce Future High Streets, a blend of Brand New and traditional High Streets.  Future High streets that are agile, responding quickly to the ever changing market trends.

Concept Southchurch is our most ambitious programme to date. A combination of proposed initiatives to develop and regenerate Southchurch, mixed with a brand of localism based on devolved responsibilities.

Our aspiration is make this area into a Community Development Area (CDA), a district given independence to set out its own rental and rates tariff, as well the capacity to approach new retailers and leisure service providers. The CDA will be sympathetic to its surroundings and sincere in its delivery. A scheme that is sustainable and flexible enough to react efficiently with future trends and changes in our high streets

We hope to deliver a flat line of business and rental rates within Southchurch, over a 3 year period. The rental and rates will be combined into one payment called Synergy.

We also want to create a streetscape that provides benefits for the environment, mental wellbeing and opportunities for social interaction. Focused on easy and safe accessibility for residents & visitors.

It is imperative that this development is transparent at all times. So we will create a group to oversee this initiative. Representatives from the council, local business, agencies, organisations and residents will become stakeholders of the executive, Southchurch Development & Regeneration Commission (SDRC).

Creating an experience to entice people into an area. A scheme that encourages people from behind technology, out of pyjamas and onto the pavement

We have a clear strategy to bring people into Southchurch and build its profile. Our HopeBox Urban Market is the cornerstone of our campaign.

This coalition of initiatives embraces inevitable change. Creating retail therapy spaces, social interaction and safety. Strengthening business, community and environment cohesion.

Union Yard & Incubator.

We want to work with the Business community, Schools, Colleges, Universities and youth organisations to provide opportunities for Young adults. We will explain briefly our two initiatives, Union Yard and Incubator.

Union Yard

We encourage the vision and talent of young people to be shared with the wider world. We hope to develop, in partnership with schools, colleges, universities and other agencies, a place where their creations can be sold or purely displayed.

It can be an online presence where young adults can promote or sell fashion, music or promote drama they have written and will perform. A marketing opportunity to work in-line with Totally Locally.

Stalls will be made available for all within YES, to promote or sell products at HopeBox Southchurch and Urban & Retro Sports Day


In essence Incubator is another co-working unit, similar to a number in operation around town. The difference here will be we would look to the enterprises being developed in 6th Form, College and university facilities across Southend. It could also be a group of young adults who have a dream they want to make reality.

The projects will be closely monitored and mentors will be available for guidance and advice. Other agencies and marketing professionals will be involved to offer further help.

TradeSpace Southchurch.

Welcome to the TradeSpace Facebook page, from Project Southchurch.

A page that allows local business, traders, hospitality sector, voluntary organisations, local events & clubs the opportunity to showcase their business, offers of the day or future promotional campaigns. Whatever local businesses feel they which to share with new or existing customers within Southchurch and across town.

Unlimited posts FREE. All you have to do is LIKE, POST & SHARE. The only guidelines are. The post must not exceed 50 words, must contain an image relevant to the post and a direct contact link.

Please remember the content is your responsibility, we do not act as an agent for your business so any interest must come directly to you otherwise it will be lost in the clouds. The input of your post will not be edited or monitored, however, the exception will be if a post contravenes an ethical & tolerant society.

We will build up the page with followers and the page will be shared

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