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We have a number of ways where you can contact us and keep in touch of what is going on. We also have opportunities for you to get in touch and share your ideas and observations. We will be delighted for you to join the Journey and be involved.

As well as our social media sites, we have have a regular newsletter, The Wire and also a newssheet if events of importance happen in between,

Our Community manifesto, Life East, outlines our aims and aspirations. Please note this is currently being updated.

The Wire & The Wire Extra

Keep updated about events within the Project Southchurch area, Southend and the organisation, with our newsletter and newssheet. For 2022 both publications are sponsored by our very good friends Off the Streets. Click on their name to find out more about the fantastic work they do.

The Wire, our newsletter, is published four times a year. The Wire Extra previously called Community Bulletins are published in-between the newsletter, covering items of importance or promoting initiatives.

The editor for both publications is Matt Pinnock.

Please contact us if you wish to subscribe.

Life East.

Life East, Plan for a Better Southchurch

Order your free copy of our 64 page document of initiatives.

Get Together Events.

Get Together is a scheme where we connect with community organisations and where we arrange for them to meet residents and businesses. The ‘Get Together’ scheme will be split into two sections.

InSight: Will be the section that concerns specific events, covering a wide spectrum of issues, held within the community. They will be held in car parks, halls, cafes, homes and a variety of other locations, bringing agencies and community organisations to you and at a convenient time for all.

&Talk: Will be the section that organises local community meetings and that takes the Life East message to agencies and organisations across the Project Southchurch Zone. It is also the section that will arrange local community meetings for residents and businesses to attend.

We have had virtual meetings with Southend Labour Group, Southend Conservative Group, Southend Independent Advisory Group, Southend Bid and Essex Chambers of Commerce.

The Wire

For your latest edition of The Wire, please click below.


For your latest edition of The Wire Extra previously named Community Bulletin, please click below.

One Zero One

One Zero One is an occasional feature in both The Wire and The Wire Extra.

It’s a simple format. We ask people, agencies or organisations within the community, one question regarding particular topics. The answer must be a maximum of one hundred and one words.

We hope to take a snapshot of beliefs from as many sources as possible, providing a wide ranging and inclusive insight into issues.

Essex by the Sea Podcast

We are delighted to be featured in the Southend Echo, Radio Essex and other media outlets. Click below and listen to our podcast episode, with Owen Ward on Essex By The Sea podcast.

Social Media Sites.

You can find us on Facebook at @ProjectSouthchurch, Twitter and Instagram @YourSouthchurch. We have a group on Nextdoor and LinkedIn.

Contact Us

To know more about our events, submit an idea or article for our publications or book a Get Together event please contact us.

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