From events to community campaigns, Project Southchurch has been promoting the area. Our aim is to celebrate the area of this new City, we aspire to make it a better place to live, work, learn and relax in. At times that means working with other parts of the City of Southend across multi agencies.


We were delighted to be able to facilitate a meeting last year between Essex Police Southend and Westminster Security.

As a result of that meeting we were invited to a display of several detection and security equipment relevant to protecting the residents of Southend.

We are proud to have played our small part in the trial that is continuing across this city of the Knife detection poles.


Go Active, Discover The Possible. Is our initiative to encourage people to return to what they enjoy, push the boundaries and get out and about.

It’s an opportunity to promote what is around us. Whether, Art, Craft, Drama, Music, Sport, Writing and general wellbeing.

Wellbeing is a generic term we use, but includes gardening clubs, book reading clubs, nature , walking the list is endless.

Go Active is to help you get back involved. Improve health, fitness, interaction with others, self esteem, happiness and much more.

Many clubs already have ‘Welcome Days’ for new members and those new to an activity. We’ll encourage more with our Boost Days. The chance for clubs to open up their doors to show you around and sample the atmosphere and try the activity.

New city, fresh start -Go Active, discover the possibUse this space to add more details about your site, a customer quote, or to talk about important news

Southend East Station.

We are delighted we have got to the point where the prospect of Southend East Station become fully accessible station.

The vision of a new bridge within the station is close and we are working closely with C2C to facilitate a public consultation, residents will be able to see and ask about the significant changes.

It will no longer mean that those with mobility challenges will no longer have to travel further up the line when travelling East to come back down so you can alight from the train.

The new internal bridge will also mean that the station will be more secure, as it will feature state of the art security systems.

The work continues to try and persuade the council to remove the outer bridge between Ambleside and Rivera Drive and incorporate a new crossing within  the new design for Southend East Station

All Seven Miles.

Part of the promotion of the Project Southchurch area and in general the East side of Southend is to encourage visitors.

The transformation of our retail areas through the Concept Southchurch, StreetScape and other initititives is an important ingredient.

Working with Southend Tourism Partnership and Visit Southend is vital.

We need to use All Seven Miles of our wonderful coastline. There is a major perception of our city is that it’s just about  theme park & amusement arcades, kiss me quick approach. We are so much more than that.

Home to history, beautiful award winning parks, award winning beaches, walks, water sports, boutique guest houses, quality hotels, fantastic restaurants and much more.

The Project Southchurch area has the only two restaurants actually on the beach. Don’t believe those who want to protect their interest by rubbishing other parts of the City. We’re proud to be part of East Southend , we have so much to offer.


We have been privileged to work alongside some fantastic artist over the last year.

Our involvement in the recent City week celebrations brought it home. There is an absolute wealth of talent in this City, many living here in the Project Southchurch area.

So we thought we would work with the artists to identify a location to Bring Art to Southchurch.

Project Southchurch

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